Maximized Living

I’m just going to be straight-forward here, Maximized Living has changed my life.

I started seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor about 4 years go and began by just getting adjustments. It wasn’t till December 2012 that I started attending seminars and learning about nutrition and how screwed up the western diet is so I started implementing the right nutrition in my life. From there I went on to learn about toxins and getting the right type of exercise.

Maximized Living follows 5 essentials – Maximized Mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Quality Nutrition, Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle, and Minimized Toxins. Each of these are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read more about their story – it’s inspiring! 

I’m going to focus on the Maximized Nutrition essential which has two plans – Advanced and Core. The Advanced is a no-grains, no-sugar plan that won’t spike your blood sugar whereas the core plan allows more of the natural sugars and grains. This is a lifestyle not a diet. Read more about the nutrition plans and purchase the Maximized Living Nutrition Plan Book (it’s a great read and has awesome recipes).

I found it hard to find recipes that follow the Advanced Plan so I will be providing recipes that fit the plan. This will make it easier for others who are on the Advanced Plan to make these nutritious, super-filling, green smoothies. It will help you to incorporate greens and other nutritious essentials into your diet and reach your goal quicker.

Here are some great posts on nutrition that I love:


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