Green Smoothie Challenge

I challenge YOU to start drinking GREEN SMOOTHIES! Think you can do it? Then start by reading the rest of this page…

The Green Smoothie Challenge starts by replacing your cereal and/or granola bar with a green smoothie that adds good nutrients that are low in sugar into your diet. Take a look at the ingredients in your cereal or granola bar and tell me how much of those ingredients you understand and can pronounce? Maybe one or two if it’s not natural or organic. When you make a green smoothie, you know EVERY ingredient that goes into it. It’s simple, so make the change.

I will be sharing 10 days of Green Smoothie Recipes but do recommend continuing it for long than 10 days and going  for at least 30 days.

Why 30 days? It takes 30 days to take a reoccurring behavior and make it a habit. It’s suggested to continue past the 30 days if you find you haven’t reached your goal or you find that you actually enjoy drinking green smoothies and love the benefits.

It is going to be challenging to switch out your typical breakfast of either a carb-full bagel, greasy breakfast burrito, protein bar loaded with sugar, or for most people nothing over to a nutritious green smoothie. The most important thing to have before you start is the mindset that you can do it and if you start falling off go back and tell yourself “I CAN DO IT”. It’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.


  1. Congratulations! You’ve already completed the first step by reading everything on this page so far.
  2. Set your goal and write it down. What do you want to achieve by doing this challenge? Lose weight, boost energy, get more sleep, eliminate cravings? Get specific – if you said lose weight, write down how many pounds. It’s important to set a plan of what you want to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and write it down.
  3. Set a start date. It’s important to set it with enough time to get ready and purchase your groceries.
  4. Buy your groceries. Here is a list you can reference of the ingredients used for the first week. You don’t have to buy all your groceries at once, just make sure you have on hand what you need for the week.
  5. Prep your groceries – wash all your fruits and vegetables so it makes it quick to add to your smoothie in the morning. I also like to place everything I’ll be using for my smoothie out the night before.
  6. Make your first smoothie! Click here to view the recipe. Then from here you can scroll through to each day until I get something created that is easily printable.

It’s time to get NutriFit!! 


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